Exploring The Different Bed Bug Treatments Available To You

Bed bug treatment in Chicago has become a concern for many residents. In fact, bed bug treatment has become a big concern for tons of people throughout the world. It really isn’t a big secret that bed bugs are making a come back in a big way. You have probably already heard about this recent resurgence, or maybe you are currently dealing with bed bugs. Whatever you situation is it really pays to be knowledge able of the treatment options that you have available to you. Below, you will learn about the different type of bed bug treatments that are available to you.

How Whole Room Heat Treatments Work

One of the most increasingly popular types of bed bug treatment offered in Chicago is the whole room heat treatment. Unfortunately, this type of treatment requires a professional management company, but it is extremely effective. This is not the type of treatment that can be performed by a normal individual. The whole process involves a pest management company bringing in specialized equipment to raise the temperature in the home. Bed bugs and their eggs usually die out after 90 minutes time once they are exposed to temperature after 118 degrees F. The company will place specialized thermostat throughout the home to make sure that each room is reaching the appropriate temperature.

During this type of treatment, you and your pets will have to evacuate the home, and it is possible that you might have to remove certain heat sensitive items. Of course, your exterminator of choosing will cover all of this information with you. It is also important that you understand that whole room heat treatments do not offer any residual effects, so it is possible for the home to become infested again, if the appropriate steps are not taken.

Understanding How Insecticide Treatment Works

Insecticide treatment is probably one of the oldest methods of treating bed bugs and it is still widely used today by many pest management companies. There are some upsides and downsides to this type of treatment. One of the upsides is that a homeowner can purchase the right chemicals and spray them throughout the home. However, you must be very careful because these chemicals can be extremely dangerous to humans and pets. There are over 300 products registered by the EPA for treating bed bugs. However, there are some products that are only available to licensed exterminators.

One of the downsides to this treatment is that it is not a one-time deal. Insecticide treatment usually requires several different visits to the home. When you or a professional is performing an insecticide treatment you should be sure to use three types of different chemicals to achieve the best results. The first chemical you want to use is a fast-acting chemical. This chemical can be placed of furniture that you often come into contact with. The second is a residual chemical. This will be placed inside the furniture and in cracks and crevices. The third chemical is a dust-type insecticide that should be place inside electrical outlets and switches.



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