Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know About Bed Bugs

Do you remember that old nursery rhyme, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”? It wasn’t too long along that this was just a simple nursery rhyme, but now it seems that these little critters are taking over. More and more homes throughout the world are reporting infestations. Some researchers are attributing this to global warming whereas others say they have no explanation for the recent influx. Whatever the reason is these critters are here to stay and it pays to know possibly everything you can about them. Below, you will learn some interesting facts about the aggravating little critters that you probably didn’t know.

They Don’t Care About Cleanliness

It has been a long time belief that bed bugs like to infest dirty or cluttered homes. However, this is a major misconception. The best bed bug exterminator in Chicago will tell you that bed bugs don’t care how rich, clean, or cluttered your home is. Really the only thing they care about is people. Regardless, of how clean you keep your home, you are at risk of an infestation.

They Will Inhabit Any Piece Of Furniture

These critters might be known as bed bugs and they do most inhabit beds, but the truth of the matter is that they can live in any piece of furniture. Bed bugs are capable of living in chairs, couches, suitcases, backpacks, baseboards, ceilings, and even light switches.

Bed Bugs Aren’t Fond Of The Human Body

Bed bugs really depend on blood to survive and thrive, but they really don’t like the human body. The human body emits a lot of heat and heat can be dangerous to bed bugs. Unlike lice and ticks they don’t stick around on the body after they have fed on it. After feeding these nasty little critters will try to find a much cooler place to rest and relax.

They Are Not Nocturnal

One of the major misconceptions that can be associated with bed bugs is that they are nocturnal. However, the truth is that bed bugs can come out during any time of the day. They just like to feed on you when you are sleeping, and since most people sleep at night this is why this misconception developed. If the bug is extremely hungry, it will come out during the day to feed. If you work at night and sleep during the day the bugs will also change their sleeping routines.

Do Not Transmit Diseases

While these critters are nasty and itchy one good thing about them is that they do not transmit disease. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t pose a threat. In fact, they can cause increase allergy symptoms, and many people get so worried about the bugs that they develop insomnia and anxiety.

You Can Eliminate The Threat Without A Professional

Even the best bed bug exterminator in Chicago will tell you that it is possible to eliminate bed bugs without hiring a professional. There are some situations in which you might need to hire a professional, but with a little bit of knowledge and know how you can free your home of these troublesome critters.


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