Understanding How To Properly Inspect Your Home For Bed Bugs

Chicago IL Resident: Do you fear that your home is currently infested with bed bugs? Are you waking up with unexplained bites that you didn’t have when you went to sleep? Due to these recent influx of bed bugs it is only reasonable to contribute this problem to bed bugs. However, it might be possible that you might not be dealing with bed bugs at all. The truth of the matter is, the only way to know for sure that you are dealing with bed bugs to procure an actual sample of the beg itself. This might sound easy, but it is not, as these critters like to hide in the most peculiar places and only appear when you are sleeping. Below, you will learn tips and information that will help you perform a bed bug inspection in Chicago.

Using Interception Devices And Active Monitors

Two of the most popular methods for detecting bed bugs that are used widely by bed bug inspection companies in Chicago are interception devices and active monitors. These devices can be purchased and installed by any ordinary homeowner. Interception devices are installed under the legs of your furniture and they will trap the bugs as the crawl from place to place. Active monitors are installed in the same manner, but they are a bit different because they use a chemical lure that actually attracts the bugs to the trap. Of course, because of this feature these types of traps usually cost a little bit more, but are more effective.

After installing these traps it is best to leave them in place for 2 to 4 weeks and check them once every couple of days. If you capture a bug, then you will know without a doubt that you are dealing with a bed bug infestation.

How To Perform A Visual Inspection Of Suspected Areas

While installing the interception devices and active monitors are extremely effective, they are not the only method to determining an infestation. You can perform a visual inspection of the infected area. You want to make sure that you carefully examine the areas that suspect to be infected, which will more than likely be the bedroom. Always make sure that you are checking along the sheets of the bed, along the edges of the mattress, under the mattress, and in the bedroom furniture. Also, be sure to remove the mattress and check the box spring. Pay especially close attention to the plastic guards on the corners of the box springs, as this is a common hiding place for bed bugs.

Keep in mind that it can be very easy to miss bed bugs during a visual inspection, because they are only about the size of an apple seed.

Take Advantage Of Mattress And Box Spring Encasements

Mattress and box spring encasements are also two other popular devices that are used widely to detect bed bugs. These devices are like large garbage bags that slip over your mattress and box spring. They have zippers installed on them, which allow them to completely seal and trap any bugs that might be in you mattress or box spring.

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