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Professional Beetle Pest Control Chicago IL

The beetle species belong to the “Coleoptera” order and “Endopterygota” superorder. Scientists believe there are approximately 400,000 Coleoptera members, making it the largest insect order. Beetles come in varying sizes and colors, including pink, red, yellow, black, multi-colored, green, yellow, brown, and more.

The most commonly reported sightings in the City of Chicago generally involve the longhorn, powder post, ground beetle species. Beetles invade the human habitat through small entry points, such as a damaged screen door, crawlspace vents, dryer flex duct, air conditioning duct connections, soffit, siding, and garage door seals.

Beetles are more active, beginning in the mid-to-late spring, running through the fall season. By the time the winter season begins, the insect is prepared to “overwinter.” The “overwintering” state allows beetles and other impacted insect species to survive on minimal resources. Winter is one of the harshest seasons for the beetle species. Food is oftentimes scarce and the weather is unbearable to the point, thousands of beetles will not survive.

Why Are Beetles Invading My Garage?

If the beetle has an option to spend the winter season outdoors or indoors. The latter will always be the more preferred. While in the overwintering state movement is limited to a routine body position change. The insect is defenseless against predatory insects and animals in the overwintering state. The same thing can also be said about the winter weather – snow, icy rain, breezy wind, and single-digit temperatures. To avoid the dangers that come along with being an overwintering pest, the beetle infiltrates residential and commercial establishments.

As mentioned previously, beetles are defenseless against the winter elements and predators when overwintering. To avoid these dangers, the insect infiltrates houses, condos, commercial buildings, flats, government establishments, and public facilities.

Beetle infiltration generally begins in late fall. A time when many people like to ventilate their homes, leaving them vulnerable to the overwintering beetle. Beetles will cluster in groups, although they do not colonize, to improve their odds of scoring indoor shelters. If your windows and doors were left open in the past week, these entry points are responsible for the beetle infiltration.

Does The Beetle Carry Diseases And Parasites?

Beetles are a harmless insect species. However, a study showed mature beetles and beetle larvae may spread food- and water-borne illnesses. The study was to determine if the darkling species and their larvae transmit food-borne illnesses to baby chicks during the rearing cycle.

Wageningen University Researchers chose the broiler house as the setting for the study. The major of the reported foodborne illness cases were contributed to pathogens, Campylobacter, and salmonella. The researchers determined the pathogens were spread through questionable food handling techniques. Unhealthy food handling reportedly exposed chicken meat to the pathogens, Campulogacter and salmonella.

Some beetle species – cigarette “tobacco” beetle and saw-toothed grain beetle –  meet the criteria to be classified a “pantry pest.” The pantry pest infiltrates human habitats and their food pantries.

To protect yourself and your family from foodborne illnesses, transitioning from vulnerable food packaging to ceramic storage containers is a must.

What Is The Most Effective Beetle Management Strategy?

Professional pest control is compatible with mild, moderate, and severe beetle infestations. Our beetle control strategies utilize a combination treatment – adhesive traps, and insecticides/pesticides. We work with Illinois’ top entomologists to learn more about the beetle species. This knowledge puts us a step ahead of our competitors.

We install the glue traps in high-risk areas, such as pantries, food storage cabinets, dining rooms, basements, crawlspaces, and kitchens.

Does Over-The-Counter Pesticide Offer Relief For Beetle Infestation?

The downside to over-the-counter pest control products is their low potency formula. The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” believes it is necessary to limit the percentage of chemicals found in OTC and professional pest control products. Placing limits on chemicals may help minimize the environmental exposure risks during treatments.

Our pest control product line consists of only brands approved by the EPA.

How Long Does It Take For An Exterminator To Be Dispatched To My Home For A Consultation?

Our service request processing takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete in the beetle off-season. An additional 24 to 48 hours may be necessary to process your request during the peak season. We highly recommend immediate action upon the detection of beetles in your home.

Does Conventional Beetle Insecticide Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Conventional pest control products utilized to eradicate beetles do contain chemicals. These chemicals may pose some environmental risks. However, experts believe it is possible to protect the environment when administering conventional insecticides. By utilizing state-of-the-art, ergonomically designed sprayers and nozzles, it is possible to achieve direct contact.

To minimize these risks even further, our exterminators refuse to administer conventional chemical-based pesticides in homes occupied by humans.

Are Professional Beetle Management Services Cost-Efficient?

Not necessarily, as the total costs depend on several factors. These factors include the type of treatment and insect species, level of severity, location, and property size. We believe each pest control strategy should begin with a visual inspection. During the inspection, the exterminator will carefully assess high-risk areas, such as the pantry and kitchen.

Our pest control consultation, with a written quote, is guaranteed to ensure you get the most from your investment.

A custom beetle strategy will not only offer 100 percent effectiveness but also cost-efficiency.

What Is The Most Effective Beetle Prevention Solution?

We believe for a beetle prevention strategy to be effective, it must target the structural components responsible for the beetle infiltration. Structural components in need of repair are oftentimes responsible for the infiltration of beetles. Small openings, no larger than 1 inch in diameter, are needed for beetles to infiltrate your home.

We highly suggest sealing these openings with waterproof silicone or caulk. Beetles also infiltrate the human habitat via passages utilized to deliver utilities into the home. These openings range between medium and large, running from the exterior to the interior, generally the basement or crawlspace.

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