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In Chicago, locals will likely encounter carpenter bees at some point. As long as these large ants are away from your home, you should leave them alone. You only have to worry about them when they invade your property. These ants can range in size from half an inch to an inch and a half. The color of the bee depends on the bee’s gender. For instance, female carpenter bees tend to be black. As for male carpenter bees, they are orange and black. Carpenter bees have a lot in common with bumblebees. However, the carpenter bee will not have a hairy abdomen. The carpenter bee’s abdomen is shiny, black, and hairless.

Reasons For Carpenter Bees

Are you interested in learning why carpenter bees have decided to invade your dwelling? Ultimately, carpenter bees are attracted to softwoods that haven’t been properly protected. With that being said, you’re going to get carpenter bees if you haven’t stained or painted the softwood products around your home. Another problem is the fact that carpenter bee pairs are going to return each year. They use the same next for multiple years. Get rid of them or the damage is going to accumulate rapidly.

Can Carpenter Bees Hurt You?

Carpenter bees are stinging insects so they can sting people. With that being said, you have to be prepared to get stung. If you try to treat the problem on your own, there is a risk that you’ll get stung. However, it is important to realize that carpenter bees are one of the least aggressive stinging insects in Chicago. Females have stingers and will sting people. However, they’re docile and not aggressive. As for male carpenter bees, they can be aggressive and will defend the nest. The difference is that male carpenter bees do not have stingers.

In some cases, carpenter bee venom can lead to an allergic reaction. Then, medical attention is necessary. When carpenter bees build tunnels, they’re going to leave their larvae inside. Unfortunately, this can lead to woodpecker invasions too. Woodpeckers cause serious property damage so you should get rid of both promptly.

Eliminating Your Home’s Carpenter Bees

A carpenter bee infestation should be rectified as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the pests are going to cause more problems. Thankfully, it is possible to get rid of carpenter bee infestations. As long as you’re using the right tools and techniques, you can get rid of them. The problem is that many do-it-yourself solutions are not reliable. Take advantage of our residential pest control services because we can get rid of them for you swiftly. Contact our office right away.

Using DIY Carpenter Bee Techniques

You may think about dealing with the problem using do-it-yourself carpenter bee treatments you read about online. Some of these techniques are legit so they can eliminate carpenter bees. Nevertheless, these products aren’t as reliable as our products. We use industrial-strength products to eliminate carpenter invasions. Another problem you have to worry about is the fact that stinging insects will attack and sting. You need to take steps to protect yourself. The best way to do that is by letting us fix it for you.

We Only Use Safe Treatments

Our company is only going to use safe treatments in your home. We couldn’t imagine using dangerous products to tackle carpenter bees. We don’t want to expose our clients to dangerous chemicals. Therefore, we’ve thoroughly trained our technicians to ensure that they can fix pest infestation swiftly and safely. They’ll follow precise protocols and use EPA-registered products to protect you. Work with us to ensure that everyone involved is safe.

Preventing Potential Carpenter Bee Invasions

It is best to prevent carpenter bees from invading your property. You can’t stop them all the time but you can make life harder for them. Remember that carpenter bees are attracted to unprotected softwoods. If you protect the softwood products around your home, you might be able to keep these pests away. Alternatively, you can try switching to hardwoods. Once you’ve done this, carpenter bees will have fewer reasons to approach your property.

When Can An Exterminator Begin?

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