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Around the world, researchers have identified more than 4,000 unique cockroach species. Only 30 will enter residential structures. Five can be found in our area. Before you can fix this problem, you must know what species you’re dealing with. Once you’ve identified the species, you’ll know why they’re in your home and how to eliminate them. Below, you’ll learn more about the most common cockroach species in our area.

Cockroaches In Chicago

There are many cockroach species in our area but the most common include German and American cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are roughly 5/8ths of an inch. They’re light brown or tan and have a prominent pair of racing stripes on their head. They’re prolific breeders so they’re going to reproduce constantly. A female can produce 30 to 40 eggs per case and 5 cases throughout her life. When they enter homes, they’re going to hide under your warm appliances.

American Cockroaches

You’re also going to encounter American cockroaches. They’re one of the largest cockroaches in our area since they reach two inches. They’re reddish-brown and live for a long time. It takes them a while to infest structures. Although they will invade older buildings downtown, they tend to live in steam systems and sewer tunnels. If they’re on your property, they’re likely attracted to a busted sewer pipe.

Other common cockroaches in our area will be explored in more depth below.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches have male and female cockroaches that are remarkably different. Females are smaller and have shorter wings than their male counterparts. As you’ve likely guessed, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are native to Pennsylvania and other eastern states. However, they can travel to Chicago. A Pennsylvania wood cockroach is a sign that you have blocked gutters.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

You’re like going to encounter these small cockroaches. They’re only a third of an inch but they can make a big impact. They’re from Europe yet have been living in America for many years. They can be found in our area and tend to thrive near foliage. They will fly toward the lights outside your home.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are large with some of them reaching an inch and a quarter. They’re either black or brown but are always dark. Males develop wings that cover three-quarters of their body while females do not have wings. They tend to infest older structures downtown and sewer systems. However, they’re cold-hardy enough to survive outside around your trash too.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

These cockroaches are large as well. They are larger than oriental cockroaches since they reach an inch and a half. They’re reddish-brown and shiny. They prefer living in southern states, but they may make it to Chicago sometimes. When they do, they’re going to travel in shipping containers.

Surinam Cockroaches

There are no male Surinam cockroaches. All these cockroaches are female and they’re roughly three-quarters of an inch. These cockroaches are rarely found in our area because they prefer warm locations. They may reach Chicago though. When they do, they’ll be found in greenhouses.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are only half of an inch, so they’re often mistaken for German cockroaches. Just remember that they do not have racing stripes.

Reasons You Have Cockroaches

Cockroaches tend to enter residential structures for many reasons. Some are looking for unclean homes where they can find food. Others are searching for broken sewer pipes or faulty gutters.

Cockroach Health Hazards

Unfortunately, cockroaches are indeed dangerous. Therefore, you cannot ignore these pests. If you do, you’re going to put yourself and your loved ones at risk. You’re going to be living with these pests, so the risks are high. They don’t bite or transmit venom, but they’re still dangerous. Cockroaches can contaminate your food sources and make people sick. They’ll also cause your asthma symptoms to worsen.

Eliminating Infestations Of Cockroaches

Remember that some cockroaches thrive in dirty homes. Therefore, you need to enhance your housekeeping practices. Clean up messes promptly and get rid of leftovers. You can try using DIY methods, but you likely won’t have a lot of success. These products aren’t easy to use. The effectiveness of these products is questionable and some of them are dangerous. Work with a professional to reduce the risks involved.

When Can You Get Here?

We’re eager to begin helping you. Call our Chicago office today and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

Safer Cockroach Solutions

We always provide our clients with safe cockroach solutions. We would never use potentially dangerous chemicals in your home. Instead, we’re going to use EPA-registered products that are indeed safe and effective. These products are been tested extensively so we know they’re safe.

Preventing Cockroaches From Invading

Do what you must to keep cockroaches out of your home. Fix leaks and keep your home clean. Finally, make sure that your exterior walls are sealed.

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