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Professional Stink Bug Pest Control Chicago IL

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug “BMSB” is highly known for its foul odor, which is where “stink bug” comes into play. The stink bug is one of the largest overwintering pests and occasional invader, both classifications are related to insects. The overwintering stink bug enters a deep sleep-like state, beginning in late fall or at the onset of winter. The insect remains in the overwintering state for approximately 4 months, at which time, it wakes up to prepare for the breeding season.

The occasional invader is an insect classification, utilized in reference to species that invade the human habitat infrequently. There is no doubt, humans are not open to the idea of sharing their living spaces with the stink bug or any other insect species. Unfortunately, it is not always about what the human wants, but what the stink bug needs to do to survive. If surviving means invading the habitat of humans, the stink bug will do whatever is necessary to do it.

Stink bugs originate from Asia, infiltrating the United States in the late 1990s by shipping crates. Unlike some insect species – ladybug, mosquito, and beetle, the stink bug is not a pollinator. However, the insect’s diet consists of a variety of insect species, such as the caterpillar, mite, and root weevils, all of which plague farmers. So, it is possible the stink bug could prove helpful for commercial farmers.

Why Are Stink Bugs Invading My Garage?

As mentioned previously, the stink bug is an overwintering pest. The insect species classified as overwintering pests prefer the indoors to the outdoor winter climate. For this reason, the overwintering stink bug attempts home infiltration until successful or forced to seek shelter outdoors.

The stink bug’s size – ¾ of an inch (19 millimeters) in length – makes it difficult to ignore. However, the insect will find its way into the human habitat, where it will seek shelter in garages, crawlspaces, basements, and attics.

Do Stink Bugs Spread Diseases To Children?

No, the stink bug has not been scientifically linked to human or animal diseases. The insect is virtually harmless, as it does not spread disease or cause structural damage. The insect’s most intrusive feature is a pyridine secretion that is naturally produced by glands. The pyridine secretion is part of insect and animal predator deterrence.

The stink bug’s natural predator deterrence has a foul odor that most witnesses struggle to forget. In addition to the pungent scent, the pyridine secretion has staining properties. It is generally not that difficult to track the stink bug indoors, thanks to the pyridine secretion.

What Is The Most Effective Stink Bug Extermination Method?

It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of an effective stink bug management strategy. The strategy will not focus on just one eradication method, but instead, two or more eradication methods. For example, our professional stink bug control combines industrial-strength, high-quality pesticides with adhesive traps. To ensure 100 percent effectiveness, we integrate home inspections into our professional pest control strategies.

Fortunately, stink bugs do not plan to shelter in your home forever. In the spring, the stink bug will come out of overwintering to start breeding. The breeding season begins in the spring, continuing for several weeks.

Many people are not aware their homes are infested with stink bugs until the following spring. This is when the insects begin to emerge from their hiding places. Like the insects infiltrated your home, they will leave without warning.

Does DIY Insecticide Eradicate Stink Bugs On Contact?

Yes and no, depending on the severity of the infiltration or infestation. DIY pest control is nothing more than over-the-counter insecticide, which is the standard formula. When compared to industrial-grade pesticides, the standard insecticide formulas lack potency. So, they will not offer the same level of effectiveness as our professional stink bug control. To learn more, we highly recommend reaching out to our Chicago extermination team. We are on standby to answer your questions and set up an appointment for a free consultation.

Is Professional Stink Bug Control Cost-Efficient?

Yes, with our free stink bug inspection, it is possible to minimize your overall expenses. In addition to the best price, our free inspection will ensure more effective extermination of stink bugs. Pest inspection plays a major role in the extermination strategy. It provides our exterminators with the evidence needed to determine if there is a stink bug infestation present inside your home. It also helps determine the severity of the infestation, if stink bugs are detected during the process.

What Is The Most Effective Stink Bug Prevention?

There is no single technique that will offer 100 percent protection from stink bugs. To deliver the maximum results, we utilize a combination of prevention techniques. The first step is to seal all stink bug entry points into your home. Learn more by reaching out to our Chicago-based exterminators to take advantage of our free pest control services.

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