Box Elder Bugs

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In Chicago, boxelder bugs are a common problem. Although they’re not dangerous, they can become a nuisance. Therefore, it is wise to get rid of them promptly. Boxelder bugs are small, overwintering pests. They’re black with red marks on their flat wings. In general, they reach half an inch in length so they can enter homes through the smallest cracks and gaps. When they’re outside, they’re going to feed on certain trees, including cherry trees, maple trees, and boxelder trees.

Why You Have Boxelder Bugs

These pests tend to enter homes because they’re members of the overwintering category. They cannot tolerate cold temperatures and prefer taking shelter in residential structures. Once they’ve entered your home, they’ll quickly find a place to hide until winter is over. After winter has passed, the boxelder bugs in your home are going to leave. Although they’re going to leave on their own, you’ll have to put up with them all winter. They’re going to be an annoyance while it is cold outside.

Health Risks Linked To Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are going to become a nuisance in your home. Nevertheless, they don’t pose any health hazards to people or pets. They don’t sting, bite, or transmit illnesses.

Eliminating The Boxelder Bugs In Your Home

Boxelder bugs can slip through small cracks before hiding in your home. They hide exceptionally well. Therefore, they’re difficult to eliminate. Boxelder bugs are difficult to remove from dwellings because they’re hard to find. The only surefire way to eliminate these pests is by picking up the phone and calling us. We’ve carefully selected our treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Trying DIY Methods For Boxelder Bugs

You may believe you can fix the problem using do-it-yourself solutions. Ultimately, some of these treatments are indeed effective. It is vital to understand that experience and expertise are needed. Unless you know where they’re hiding, you won’t have any success with the DIY methods you’ve heard about. These methods aren’t as effective as the products we use. If you do not mix or use these products correctly, the risks could be huge. Protect yourself by relying on a professional’s services.

When Can You Get Rid Of Them?

We’re eager to help you eliminate the boxelder bugs in your home. After your initial call, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. In most cases, we’ll call you much sooner.

We’re Going To Protect You

We hope you’ll work with us so we can take steps to protect you and the ones you love. Our technicians strive to ensure that the client is safe during each phase of the process. When you pick us, you can sleep soundly knowing we’re going to fix the infestation using EPA-registered products. We use these products because they’re reliable and safe.

Keeping Boxelder Bugs Out

You should take steps to keep boxelder bugs out. Check your exterior walls for small cracks, gaps, and holes. Properly seal these gaps to ensure that these overwintering pests cannot enter your home. If they get in, call us and we’ll deal with them.

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