Eco-Friendly Treatments

There is a growing need for eco-friendly pest control solutions. Unfortunately, bedbugs have returned and they’re creating bigger problems than ever before. Due to their increased resilience, bedbugs can no longer be eradicated using methods that were once effective.

Eco-friendly treatments are growing in popularity because they fill the void and give our clients peace of mind. These treatments are equally or more effective than pesticides, yet they do not harm the environment.

A Safer Options For All Involved

One of the great things about eco-friendly solutions is that they are not only safer on the environment, but they are safer for everyone involved including our technicians, you, and your loved ones. In addition to this, these eco-friendly solutions don’t have a residual effect. After eco-friendly treatments are applied, you, your pets, and your family can return to the property much sooner. If you rely on chemicals, pesticides, or fumigation applications, the wait time will be increased.

These treatments can be used near edibles, machinery, and a variety of other surfaces where pesticides cannot be applied.

The Eco-Friendly Options Available

Eco-friendy solutions are not only safer for the environment, but they are proving more effective in specific situations. Here’s is a list of some of the eco-friendly solutions our Chicago pest control experts offer:

Cryonite Treatment – This treatment involves utilizing CO2 to freeze targets on contact. It freezes the bugs immediately and causes their organs to lock up.

Heat Treatment – With our heat treatment, we bring in equipment to raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees F for ninety minutes. This causes the bugs to dehydrate and die. It kills all stages of bugs, including larvae, nymphs, and eggs.

Steam Treatment – Steam treatment is like cryonite. The only difference is it utilizes high-pressure, high-heat steam to dehydrate the bugs, rather than freezing them. It is still a kill-on-contact treatment that is all-around safer for the environment.

30-Day Follow-Up

With all these treatments, we also offer 30-day follow-up visits and treatments. During the 30-day follow-up visit, our assessor will go back over the property while ensuring that your pest problem has been completely cleared up. If for any reason there are still bugs in the home, we’ll administer another round of treatment and do another follow-up in 30 days.

If the bugs are gone, we’ll sit down with you and draw up a prevention plan to help you keep your home pest-free for the foreseeable future.

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