Tips For Ensuring Your Upcoming Trip To Chicago Is Amazing

Are you interested in taking a trip to the city of Chicago with your family? Thanks to the abundance of attractions and the city’s historical significance, Chicago is a great destination for singles, families, and even travel groups. Before booking your tickets, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the city. By doing so, you will learn more about the city, its weather and this will give you a better chance of planning more accurately.

The Weather

The City of Chicago experiences very diverse weather, which changes depending on the season. If you’re not a fan of cold weather and snow, you will definitely want to stay far away from Chicago during the winter. The city tends to experience frigid winters and a lot of snowfall. The summers can be hot, but Chicago is fairly mild when compared to other American cities. Nonetheless, be sure to bring comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. You’ll find yourself walking from destination to destination, so you’ll want to keep your feet comfortable.

Be Sure To Visit Downtown

Chicago is split up into a handful of different neighborhoods. They include the West Side, South Side, North Side, and Downtown. While Chicago does experience a lot of crime, some neighborhoods are safer than others. In order to keep your family safe and to keep yourself within a close vicinity of the attractions, it is best to remain within the Downtown area! Downtown Chicago is truly a hub for tourists. It is home to various shopping establishments, theaters, parks, museums, and the city’s most famous sights. More importantly, you’ll be able to greatly decrease your risks by remaining in the Downtown area.

Smoking Bans

If you’re a smoker, you’ll want to quickly familiarize yourself with Chicago’s smoking bans. Violate a state ban and you could end up being slapped with a fine ranging from 100 to 250 dollars. So, what are the rules? Well, make sure you avoid smoking inside of any establishment. This includes bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and workplaces. Finally, you should only smoke 15 feet away from building entrances, windows, and the CTA train stations.

The Bus System

In order to experience the best of Chicago, you will need to find a reliable form of transportation. Chicago is home to a great bus system. There are several major bus companies that operate in the city. At the same time, you may be able to travel by train. If you desire more freedom, you should consider renting a vehicle.