How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Bedbugs are quickly becoming problematic in Chicago. These pests possess numerous skills including hiding exceptionally well. Furthermore, they can hitchhike a ride on clothes and furniture. Unfortunately, many people won’t realize they have a problem until it is too late. By the time the infestation has been detected, it has severely worsened. It is time to pick up the phone and contact a skilled exterminator in your area. It will be difficult to detect an infestation during its earliest stages. Most people won’t realize their homes are infested until they physically see bedbugs running around their property or start waking up with bite marks on their bodies. It doesn’t help that some bedbug bites do not lead to visible symptoms. Bedbugs are smart enough to hide from humans because they don’t want to get detected. They’ll hide when you’re awake. As soon as you go to sleep, they’re going to come out of hiding and feed on your blood. If you can lure the bedbugs out of hiding, you’ll be able to detect the infestation much sooner. Tackling it right away will make dealing with it easier and less expensive.

Are Bed Bugs In My Home? Help I Can’t Find Them!

To save yourself money and time, you’ll want to detect and eliminate the bed bug infestation as soon as possible. This will require forcing the bug out of hiding and into the open.
  1. The best way to lure bedbugs out of hiding is by using professional lures. Remember that you’ll need to place them when the bugs are least expecting it. Make sure they’re working at night.
  2. The next thing you must do is to move the bed and furniture away from the wall. Doing this will force the bugs to travel up the bed’s legs before accessing their favorite food source. Then, you should place the traps along their route. Once you’ve done that, there is a greater chance the bugs are going to travel through the traps and get caught.
  3. You are now ready to start laying traps and lures. One of the cost-effective lures is a dish-like device that is installed under the feet of the furniture or bed. When the bugs enter the dish, they will be trapped and they will starve to death.
  4. Other lures you have available to you are the CO2 and the heat lure. Both devices are like the one mentioned above. The big difference here is that these devices emit either heat or CO2 to lure the bugs. These devices include refillable cartridges so they can be used for longer. Some will use a combination of CO2 and heat to make them more effective. Some of these lures also contain glue. Therefore, they work like lures and traps. The bugs will get stuck in the glue so they will die.

Teaming Up With A Pest Management Professional

Bed bugs are more resilient and trickier to deal with than most people understand. When attempting to combat an infestation, it makes sense to utilize the best tools available to you. It is often best to use a combination of tools. If one doesn’t work, there is a good chance that another will. One of the best tools available in your fight against bedbugs is a professional pest management firm. If you’re struggling to deal with the problem on your own, call a professional exterminator. They’ll provide you with highly reliable lures and traps. Working with a professional is usually the best way to identify and rectify a bedbug infestation. Don’t delay contacting our office because we’re always eager to help.

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