What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

There are some exciting things currently taking place in the Chicago pest management industry. Perhaps, one of the most exciting is the debates regarding essential oils and bed bugs. There are a handful of manufacturers experimenting with essential oils and just how effective they are at repelling bed bugs. Some pesticide manufacturers have already proven that certain scents can be effective as bed bug repellents.

Essential Oils As Bed Bug Pesticides

A study conducted by researchers from Rutgers University in Brunswick, New Jersey looked at essential oils as bed bug toxins. There is no doubt, the bed bug is one of the most feared insect species. Why is the bed bug so feared by humans? People who fear the bed bug, fear being victimized by a parasite. The bed bug is a parasite of humans and animals. Whether you have a phobia or just do not like insects in general, a deterrent is a solution to decreasing or eliminating the risk of a bed bug encounter. Unfortunately, not all deterrents will offer 100 percent protection. In this case, you are still at risk of a bed bug encounter at any time. According to the Rutgers University study, essential oils – paraffin and silicone – are effective bed bug toxins. Essential oils have proven time and time again to be safer alternatives to conventional pesticides.

Essential Oil As A Bed Bug Repellent – Will It Work?

The bed bug nymph pheromone, for example, is a natural deterrent. This is the best example you will find. Pesticide manufacturers have recently released a bed bug repellent on the market that contains nymph pheromone. And, it’s proving effective. When you look at the properties in natural essential oil bed bug deterrents, you’ll see just why they are growing in popularity at an alarming rate. What you need to know is, the pheromone is a deterrent, naturally secreted by the baby bed bug. It’s a defensive scent that deters male bed bugs from mating with nymphs. Male bed bugs are prolific breeders and will mate with adult males and females, as well the baby bed bug. Unfortunately, this can render the baby bed bug helpless, hence the need for the natural defense pheromone. With that in mind, here are the caveats – the nymph pheromone is only effective against adult male bed bugs. It will not affect eggs, adult females, or other nymphs. It only deters the adult male bed bug. The United States Department of Agriculture researchers conducted the study to determine if essential oils are an effective natural bed bug pesticide. The study revealed paraffin and silicone essential oils killed around 90 percent of bed bugs in 24 hours.

Natural Essential Oil Pesticide VS Conventional Pesticide

While the Rutgers University study validated silicone and paraffin essential oils as effective bed bug toxins, nothing was mentioned about the level of effectiveness. More research is needed to determine the genuine effectiveness of essential oil bed bug toxins, compared to conventional pesticides. Conventional bed bug toxins consist of synthetic chemicals, which have proven time and time against to be effective pesticides.

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